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  • Gif what ?

Gif Arte is a platform that curates the best GIF Artists out of the cyberspace and bring their work of art into the real world. Each print is numbered, framed, unique (12 copies) and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Art that moves for artists and art aficionados that wants to own an exclusive piece of digital art.

It’s by mixing a specific printing technique with a new form of digital art that we bring Gifs to life. No need of extra screen or source of energy, each artwork comes alive when moving around it thanks to optical illusions.

  • Where is the Magic ?

Lenticular GifLenticular Printing ! “Lenticular technology is a high resolution process allowing to create visual effects such as 3D (depth) imaging (autostereocopy) or animated pictures. Specially interlaced files, perfectly aligned to the lens will allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle” [http://lenticulartechnology.com/]

 The Technology is not new. The idea was born at the end of the 19th Century by a physicist called Gabriel Lippmann and continued 30 years later by Maurice Bonnet; Then popularized by ad agencies in magazines for example.

  • Gifs as an Art form ?

Definitively !  A bit of history: Since it’s introduction in 1987 by CompuServe and it’s popularization in the 90’s, the GIF format comes back with the web 2.0 to become omnipresent. This, mainly due to it’s wide support and portability. In 2012, the American wing of the Oxford university press recognized GIF as verb as well, meaning “to create a Gif file”. In may 2015, Facebook added GIF support after originally rejecting it’s support. So on, the “Gif Art” movement is the logical continuation of the format. Massively shared on social platforms such as Tumblr of GIPHY, exhibited in galleries and festivals ( New York, Los Angeles, Belgrade, Iran ), the gif has now it’s legitimacy stand in the art world.

  • Shipping

Gif Arte ships from France worldwide, with love and care.  Costs are 10‎€ for France and 20‎€ for International destinations.

  • What about the price ?

The price of each print is first of all determined by the costs of production (printing) plus the frame. Then it’s determined by 2 factors:

1/ The number of copies (2 or 12).

2/ The artist’s rate, based on his popularity online & offline. Online, with the number of occurrences about him/her. Offline, with the number of time he has been exposed during exhibitions.

  • How is the money distributed ?

Artists get 50% of each sales’ profits. The other 50% help Gif Arte to product more artists.

  • Payment

Gif Arte accepts regular cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal and also Bitcoins (the price is converted with the weighted average exchange rates).

  • What with Donations ? (coming soon)

On the cart and checkout page you can choose to donate an amount of the print (5% or 10%) to various NGOs and help this world get better.

  • Returns/Refunds

Gif Arte will take back all damaged artwork during the shipping process and refund it, or send a new one (to the will of the customer).

  • More questions ?

Please contact us via the contact form or mail : ello@gifarte.com !

“GIF Arte is now over. A huge THANK YOU to the artists, Gif-addicts and everyone involved in this adventure. I decided to focus on my other passions :

 Photography : Free Rubens
 Ecology > SolarSoundSystem.org
 Music : Ben Ur

Rubens Ben, founder.