Artist Focus : Kiszkiloszki

Kajetan Obarski
 Could you introduce yourself in few words ?

Hello. My name is Kajetan Obarski and I make short animations about my true love to the mankind.


How did you come to do Gif Art ? Was it something natural ? Any specific inspiration/reference ?

I started to create some collage memes and pictures few years ago. Then it evolved to the college comics and this led to the next step for me: an animation. Kind of natural progress of telling the stories. And I think that I’m going to stay on this level for a while. Animation is heck of a tool for storytellers.


Which technique are you using to create your gifs ?

I’m not the best illustrator in the world so I make collage animations or I’m just taking what the masterpieces of art or photography gives me to spit my venom. Sometimes I use loops typical for the gifs but mostly I make cuts like in the movies. Is it still a gif? I create 2D animations but I started to add a little bit of 3D magic.




How GIFs format allows you to express yourself as an artist ?

I think that this is really visible. Animation in general allows me to express myself as misanthrope and a grumpy gnome who enjoys the pointlessness of existence and human fears. Especially fear of Her Majesty Death. What I really like in GIF format is a compression. You have an idea, a story and a message but only few seconds to express it all. It’s like a script of feature-length movie in a text message editor. A perfect challenge for creative minds. I’m not a big fan of calling me an artist. It doesn’t mean anything to me.


How is it better than other medium (photo / video / static illustration ) ?

It’s not better. It’s different. I’m a photographer but I prefer to shoot empty frames. I draw quite ugly and I don’t have a video camera. So I choose animation. With all due respect for filmmakers and photographers, animation seems to be more magical tool for me. I love to make photos. I’m a big fan of independent cinema and I would like to make a movie one day but animation is a magic wand. You can make a photo of a monument and you can shoot a video of a monument. But you can also create a monument, then tell it to dance with a giraffe and throw them both to a frozen river. Isn’t it beautiful?



Any short/long term plans ? Projects ? Exhibitions ?

Sure. A ton of it. I wrote a script for a short animation movie and have some ideas for the next ones. Few music projects on the horizon. Milions of new gifs and one collective exhibition but it’s still a secret.


Kiszkiloszki online : Tumblr / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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